Buckle down, we can make your
NFT ride smooth. Let’s go!
What are NFTs?
Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” digital assets that can be bought or sold. With NFTs like NBA’s top shots and Beeple’s $69 million sale, the time now is analogous to the early internet days.
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NFTs are not just art,
they can have utility!

Purchase one of our Cyborks to avail incredible art, one exclusive service from the studio, and more exciting utilities.

NFT Web Vitals
Make your NFTs Web2 famous, with a landing page that's got a bark and a bite

What you get?

  • UI Designs of one Landing page
  • Complete source files for your page
  • A design audit of your Web3, DeFi or crypto product
NFT Launch Kit
Build an incredible website for your next project

What you get?

  • 5 different base avatar designs
  • Upto 10k NFTs
  • Landing page, 10-page pitch deck & 1 AR filter
  • Minting Assistance
  • Adding Utilities to your NFT through Dehidden
Metaverse Maker
Let your audience be a part of your communities journey with an immersive 3D Metaverse & an AR filter!

What you get?

  • Get a completely custom designed 3D environment where your NFT family can hang out
  • Choose between Instagram or Snapchat for your brand to flaunt the filter
  • We ideate, storyboard, create, and launch the filter for you
How do we achieve this?
Each Cybork is powered by a Dehidden link which helps unlock incredible utilities.
Dehidden lets you build smart NFT experiences for your projects in a no-code visual canvas and is the simplest way to add utilities to your NFTs.
Jetpacks and
On purchasing a Cybork, you get the following utilities along with it.
Unlock exclusive service
Avail an exclusive one time only service from the studio
View AR experience
See how your NFT looks in augmented reality
Download 3D Model
Instantly get acccess to the blend file
Join the community
Customize your NFTs specification
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